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Darek: Chris, why are you starting a radio?


Chris: That’s not my idea. Only yours. I just wanted you to appear on an independent platform. You mustn’t waste what you’ve done, as it’s super professional. Listening to your music broadcasts is an amazing experience and they shouldn't just get off the antenna after you leave the internet radio you cooperated with. I thought that creating an independent medium that you can develop as you like, will not only enrich your music shows but will greatly contribute to your growth. And I, by creating this medium, can learn entirely new things in radio area myself. There is a theory that if you keep progressing only in one field, parts of your brain die, as no new connections are created in it.


Darek: That’s a good one. The end of your answer brought us to the essence. In fact, this radio is for us to be long-lived. But ok, nevertheless you must have a vision, an idea of this radio. Could you tell us how you imagine it as an investor and co-creator?


Chris:  I don’t – and that’s coolest. As I don’t want to assume anything in advance. I want it to evolve naturally, so that the process of growing of the radio team, or of the shows broadcasted on our radio platform is really organic and not all preplanned upfront. Life flourishes best when its uncontrolled. If you don’t control it you kind of let the nature have a go and what is to survive will.



Darek: I like this idea very much as it’s very close to my viewpoint. Tell me about your radio experience as the listener. What did radio mean in your life and did it matter?




Chris: I remember this situation – as a boy I was fascinated by what my brother was doing, and he was passionate about electronics. I followed him and one of the first devices I built was a radio. In a large matchbox - such big matches used to be sold in. And there I managed to put all the electronics, that I constructed myself, based on the schemes that my brother gave me. I had such a big, carbon earphone then, just one. I didn’t build a stereo radio, only a mono radio receiving 1 Programme 1 of the Polish National Radio. And I remember that as soon as I constructed it, it was around 6 pm and dark outside, so it must have been winter, I went outside holding it, turned it on and walked around the neighborhood for around 3 hours listening to it. I was thrilled that I could hear anything at all through the device that I constructed myself. I don’t remember what programmes were there because the very fact of being able to build it all on my own entirely absorbed me.Only later I started listening to my favourite radio programmes. Most often it was a radio theatre. I loved listening to the radio plays. The film imposes certain things on you with the pictures. While the dialogues played on the radio, with no picture whatsoever, just the sound, give huge possibility for your imagination to play.


Darek: Well, what you’ve just said about constructing the radio, actually completely changes the perception of your activity. It means that in some sense your - I get the impression - desire to create a radio station is deeply rooted in you and connected with fascination with technology in general.


Chris:  You may approach it from a technical angle. A radio is an appliance easy to build and enjoy its effect. But once you discover what you can hear there, it becomes far more important than just a mere, soulless device or, to put it in other words, the machine starts having a soul of those who speak through it.

Chris: Darek, you are doing so many things: you write plays, stand-ups, perform, direct and put up plays, make radio broadcasts; make, share and talk about music and films. What would you say is your main thing in life?


Darek: I can’t answer this question at all.

I would have to put it so that… I love all the space that gives me the opportunity to be creative. And whether it is theatre, whether it is music, radio or film, whatever, or anything that allows me to express my creativity. Sometimes on a level worth interest, and sometimes on a completely amateur level, because I do not know it. But I write, I do broadcasts, I do theater and music - as much as I can - and dozens of other things because all such artistic activities are something that really appeals to me.

I have always loved radio, as I was raised and educated on it, because the radio was associated with music and imagination. At the time when I was going through some stages of the professional crisis and I was looking for a place for myself, I asked myself a question that I think should be asked by anyone who has a problem with their work, i.e. hates it. And such a question should be: what do I have interesting to offer to other people? This is the basic thing. What can I give to other people? As this is exactly what I should be doing in my professional life. I asked myself this question and the obvious thought that immediately crossed my mind was that I love to share music and talk about it. This is something that I have been ‘boring’ all my friends with when they came to me, playing different records and talking about them, drawing their attention to the interesting details of a particular track. Then I thought to myself: why not do it on radio?


Chris: What’s so invaluable in talking about music?


Darek: And here somehow, we come to the question you asked earlier. Because, for me a radio show is almost like a theatre. Each broadcast has its own dynamics. It’s constructed in a certain way. Directed. A word combined with music. The music is arranged in a specific order. The programme rises and falls, has more dynamic and delicate moments. It is like a story, told not only through words but through the entire length of the programme. The music ends and we switch to a word, and yet notice that on the radio, you use voice like actors do, don’t you? For me it’s very important and I highly appreciate people speaking on the radio, and I don’t mean radio presenters but as they are nowadays called DJs, who can create a certain atmosphere with their voice. For whom not only what they say is essential but also how they say it…


Chris: Like Piotr Kaczkowski?


Darek: For instance. How they choose words. How they surround everything with such a nice sauce of mood, a specific ambiance and this is the theatre, this is just theatre and that’s what I have been learning this for many years. Slowly, gradually as if breaking my own inner resistance. I was acquiring technical skills of how to use my voice.


Chris: So, I understand that your radio broadcasts are almost like a theatrical show? It’s not just news or educational broadcast?


Darek: Something in between. Education & show. Yes. It’s such a soft education. Something like learn while playing or play while learning. Although I hate this saying but it just fits in here perfectly. We touch emotions softly, but we also touch someone’s intellect and someone’s knowledge. Because I also try to focus on facts that are interesting. And artists’ stories are extremely interesting. At times out of such a life of an artist, that I find somewhere in a nutshell, you could make a good movie!


Chris: Who should listen to you? How do you imagine your listeners?


Darek: And here comes a dilemma, as on one hand, from a marketing point of view, it’s said that if you have a product you should know who it is directed to. Who is your target. But on the other hand, if you look at it from the so-called artistic activity, thinking of or imagining your listener is just the suicide for the idea. It’s just cutting artists’ balls so they should absolutely never wonder who they do what they do for, cause then, they will do nothing! Our radio is neither artistic nor business activity per se hence the dilemma. On the one hand I do realize that listeners are extremely important, as without them all this radio has no sense, but on the other hand, I want to have a sense of freedom and do not want to make programmes specifically for someone.

However, if I were to put it into words somehow, I would like it to be a radio for people with open minds, for modern people who like to think, without prejudices and aware of reality. Possibly for people who want to become such.


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